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לילך תרגומים
כי תרגום זה יותר ממילים
Lilach Translations
For us, translation is more than just words

Lilach Translations

For us, translation is more than just words



 Our Customers


Marenga Publishing, translating short stories by Sharon Butala, publishe in the book Saskatchewan (2015), and by Dave Margoshes, publishedin tne book Promises  (2017); 


Tzivonim Publishing, translating the Jewish philosophy book The Immoral Soul (2018), by Rabbi Nilton Bonder;


Carta Jerusalem Publishing, Guinness World Records, Hebrew Edition, 20142015 (part of a team of translators), and 201620172018 editions (the complete translation);


 Roy Yariv, artist;


Translating ancient documents for the book Shapira Resarches and Travels in Creta by Meir Shapira 

 Translating new age self-help booklets for Nomind company  


Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel, the  Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences; 


 The 18th Maccbiah;


 Translating from English to Hebrew of the material for Moshe Efrat's thematic stamps collection, focusing on nocturnal birds of prey that won golden medals in exhibitions that were held in Sweden and in Israel;


 Technical translations and translations in the areas of design, tourism, and lifestyle for the AIG company;


Academic translations in arts, humanities and social sciences


A wide range of legal and commercial documents ; 




 Lilach Translations - Atara Moscovich   "לילך תרגומים"- עטרה מוסקוביץ'      

                   חברה באגודת הסופרים העבריים בישראל              Member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel

                          חברה באיגוד אנשי הספר                                            Member of the Israeli Book Union


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