Lilach Translations

Because translation is more than words

Lilach Translations is a dynamic and creative translation firm founded by Atara Moscovich, an experienced translator, editor and journalist, recognized by the Israel Translators Association, a member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel and the Israel Union of Literary Professions, who translates and edits academic material in the social sciences and humanities, marketing and commercial materials.

Among other things, she has translated various books, fiction and non-fiction, and magazines, including the Science Encyclopedia – by National Geographic Kids and Britannica All New Kids' Encyclopedia and, over the past decade, the Guinness World Records.

She also holds a BA in Literary Theory and Art History, an MA with Honors in Art History and has published papers in art history in peer-reviewed academic journals and books.

We have excellent translators in a variety of language combinations, including Spanish to English, Spanish to Hebrew, Spanish to Russian, Spanish to Portuguese, Portuguese to Spanish, Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.



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