Translating the Language of Art

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For translation is more than just words


Translating the language of art

Our specialty: translations in the art field

We believe that translation is a specialty and an art in itself, but we also have another advantage, which is specialization in the visual arts – painting, sculpture, architecture, and design. We also specialize in translating academic materials pertaining to literaturearcheologyhistory (mainly Western culture history), Western mythology, and Christianity.

Atara Moscovich, the chief translator and editor in Lilach Translations, holds a BA degree in art history and literature from Tel Aviv University and MA degree with distinction in art history in Tel Aviv University , attended courses and continues to participate in translation education programs, and and writes about art in magazines and websites

Atara Moscovich – Academic Activity


Atara Moscovich, "His soul within him shall mourn": Job as a Bereaved Father in Venetian Renaissance ArtGKA Conference, online


 ,Atara Moscovich, "The Lion and the Wisdom", Religions

 10 (5) 2019

Atara Moscovich, " A LEOPARD OR A PANTHER?", Review of European Studies, Vol. 11, No. 4, 2019


"The Double Intersection between the Sacred and Secular within the Women's Most Private Space: Deschi da Parto and the Iconography of Childbirth", Intersections Conference, Florence


"Giobbe il Povero: A Social Reading of Giovanni Bellini's Sacred Allegory", Global Humanities, Vol. 2 (Religion and Poverty): 131-146" 

"A Gate Opening to Multiple Meanings – The Portal Relief of St. Giobbe Church", Motar 2015 Conference, Tel Aviv University, the David and Yolanda KatzFaculty of Arts


"Job as Representing the Poor and in Venetian Renaissance Art", Motar  2104 Conference, Tel Aviv University, the David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of Arts

"The Iconography of Job in Venetian Renaissance Art", The Fifth Symposium of Research Students: Research of Visual Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Department of History of Art, The Faculty of Humanities


"St. Helene and the Legend of the True Cross in Piero della Francesca's Frescos in Arezzo", Motar 2010 Conference, Tel Aviv University, the David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of Arts

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