Our customers

We are honored to have among our clients:

"Yedioth Books" Publishing, the lead Hebrew translator of the 2020-2024 editions of Guinness World Records, co-translator for the Science Encyclopedia from National Geographic, translator for the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia, and translator of the book Everything Dogs from National Geographic Kids.

"Carta" Jerusalem Publishing, translation of the Guinness World Records – co-translator for the 2014 and 2015 editions and lead translator for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 editions.

"Marenga Books" Publishing House, translation of belles-lettres and short stories by the Canadian author Sharon Butala, published in a 2015 anthology Saskatchewan (see a brief review in "Ha’aretz' and a critique in "Ma'ariv" and in the websites "Nurita", News1 First Class and "Marmelada") and short stories by the Canadian author Dave Margoshes published in a 2017 anthology Promises.

"Tzivonim" Publishing – translation of the book Our Immoral Soul by Rabbi Nilton Bonder, 2018

"Zafra" Publishing Translator of Autobiographies

 The art website Artportal translation of information concerning exhibits in Israel and abroad

 The artist Roy Yariv

 Translation of ancient certificates for the Digital Tour Book Shapiro Studies and Tours Across Crete by Meir Shapiro

Translation of training manuals on the subject of the New Era for the NoMind Co. Ltd

Tel Aviv University, the Department for Geophysics and Planetary Sciences.

The 18th Maccabiah Games.

Additionally, the dedicated staff of Lilach Translations translated works from English to Hebrew regarding various technical, design, tourism, and lifestyle subjects for the global conglomerate Audi AIG.

Our team of translators also worked from Hebrew to English to translate the material accompanying the stamp collection of Moshe Efrat on the subject of Nocturnal Predators that in 2008 was awarded two prizes at international exhibitions: a gold medal of excellence at a stamp exhibition held in Sweden, and a gold medal from an international exhibit held in Tel Aviv.

In addition, we are pleased to regularly serve several law firms for whom we provide legal translation services and dozens of students who enjoy our academic translation services.