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לילך תרגומים
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Lilach Translations
For us, translation is more than just words


Lilach Translations

For us, translation is more than just words


For translation is more than just words


Lilach Translations is a dynamic and creative translations agency, established by Lilach Aizen and Atara Moscovich. Atara Moscovich is an English-Hebrew translator, journalist and editor, having a wide experience in translating from English into Hebrew, mainly academic articles in the humanities and social sciences, especially in art, and also in translating commercial and marketing materials and TV subtitles. She is recognized by the Israel Translators Association, a Member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel, and a Member of Israel Union of Literary Professionals.

Atara Moscovich brought with her the advantages of being an experienced journalist – meeting deadlines, creativity, and a sense for spoken language, that enables her to translate accurately material where such a sense is especially needed, like subtitles, certain literary genres, and journalism.

Thus, besides translation of academic material, Lilach Translations specializes in translating various materials, based on the staff's advantages in translation in other fields: websites, scripts, magazines, catalogues, and commercial and marketing brochures.

Our staff also includes professional and experienced translators in various languages, a technical translator and a legal translator. We also offer proofreading and linguistic editing services in English.


 Lilach Translations - Atara Moscovich   "לילך תרגומים"- עטרה מוסקוביץ'      

                   חברה באגודת הסופרים העבריים בישראל              Member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel

                          חברה באיגוד אנשי הספר                                            Member of the Israeli Book Union


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